A Cultural Tour in Hume City

Hume City, well-known for its vibrant and diverse community, showcases uniqueness through its plethora of colourful murals. Living at Woodsong in Mickleham means there is always something to do, including exploring the captivating art murals in the local area.

These murals depict a range of themes, intricately designed to bring communities together, ignite conversations, and strengthen the bonds of ownership and wellbeing among the people.

Below, let’s explore some of the outstanding murals near Woodsong for an aesthetically pleasing tour:

Sun Orchid

Sun Orchid, one of the awe-inspiring murals in Hume City, is a visual treat for art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The vibrant colours and mesmerising details invite you to dive into the rare and fascinating world of native orchids, capturing the captivating harmony between nature and creativity.

Two CFA Tanks

A tribute to the brave men and women of the Country Fire Authority (CFA), the artwork on the Two CFA Tanks mural stands tall. Honouring their selfless contributions, this detailed piece ignites a sense of pride in the community and serves as a visual reminder of the unyielding spirit of the CFA volunteers.

Mickelham North Community Centre Corridor Artwork

The Mickelham North Community Centre Corridor Artwork presents a rich testament to the diversity and unity of the people in Hume City. Depicting cultural elements and significant historical instances, this artwork beautifully narrates the stories of the community. A visit to this mural is sure to leave you with awe and admiration.


Drawing inspiration from the stunning native grasslands of Hume City, the Grasslands mural highlights the area’s natural heritage. With its intricate designs and vibrant colours, the mural showcases an up-close look at the beauty and significance of grasslands to the local environment and those who take a moment to observe it.

As a nod to the enchanting and elusive platypus, this mural captures the curiosity and wonder of this unique Australian species. Showcasing the platypus in its natural habitat, this mural serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving and respecting our vibrant natural world.

These murals around Woodsong not only embellish the walls and facades, but they also strengthen the bond and pride among the diverse residents. As you set out on a visual journey to explore these vibrant and thought-provoking murals near Woodsong, you are bound to be inspired by the art and cultural stories that Hume City has to offer.

Let the Murals of Hume awaken your inner artist and immerse you in the cultural tapestry woven around the Woodsong community. Enjoy your mural tour!

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